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520 TVL day/night camera

Kadangi esama cmos kamerėlė buvo itin prasta, reikėjo ją pakeisti. Išsirinkau šią kamerą:

My current cmos camera was very bad quality, so I needed to change it. I’ve choose this one:



Virgis’ flight inside the cowhouse

Virgis (51 Crash tem) crossed through the building 2 times. Great show.

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Interesting way to control quadrocopter

New type control was demonstrated in Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control (Switzerland). Stick’s rotation and position change is translated into quadrocopter commands. The principe is very similar to already used system by RC hobbiests. Stick has integrated accelerometers and gyros to detect movement. Maybe such type of control will spread to other applications as well.

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EZ crash

During the flight, I’ve lost control of the plane. It seems that the problem was not in electronics, but in mechanics. Poorly glued tail section became loose. I was able to find the plane by turning the motor on and off. I’ve found it in the bushes, so no heavy damage was taken.

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Chasing EasyStar

Just a nice evening with very little wind. Trying to fly formation. Also some very low flight. View from Virgis’s camera.

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