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Trumpas pasiskraidymas prie 9-to forto Kaune.
Short flight near Kaunas

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I had a chance to pilot a real glider for the first time. About 10 minutes of my own flight. Seriously cool stuff. Then instructor took over control and showed what the glider is really capable of. It means loops, free fall, “diving on the wing” etc.. Unfortunately there were no thermals due to very hot weather.


New personal record – 1 km

Finally I’ve reached 1km distance ;) . Even RC control was poor, and almost gone 2 times, video downlink was good. This flight I’ve been using diversity receiver with 3dBi dipole and 11 dB biquad antenna. Very likely that RF interference was cause by high voltage power lines beneath. I must repeat such flight far away from RF noises.

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UAV/FPV shop has launched

Please visit our new FPV e-shop . We are starting with few products, and hope that soon we’ll be able to provide more;)

New heights with new OSD, V-diversity and step-up

I’ve tested my new, custom made equipment:
- DC/DC setup-up 12V converter (custom PCB 1×2 cm made by myself;))
- Smalltim OSD
- 2.4 GHz video diversity.
I love it! EasyStar with 3 meter 35 MHz RX antenna.

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