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New ground station, new LRS

Finally I've purchased ChainLink LRS. It has switchable power between 0.1mW (range test, 0.2W and 0.5W). 12 Channel receiver. We've tested it in the city without ling of sight, signal faded in 2.4 km, which was very similar to popular DragonLink (DL). I've modified Smalltime OSD to show RSSI level. Problem was in SN777 camera which was very noisy. I've did modification to remove that noise (will be described later). I've did some changes to the ground station also. I've used photo camera tripod. That helped to reduce multipathing. I've attached 100mW 2.4 GHz fatshark transmitter near after 1.2 GHz receiver to retransmit the signal to the goggles. It gives more freedom around the GS. The main reason I've did this, to reduce CL influence to video receiver, because atleast 2 meters are recommended. embedded by Embedded Video

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