Trying to reach 7km with Twinstar2

Šį kartą mėginimas nevisai pavyko. Nors ir nuskridom 7km, gryžtant baigėsi baterija. Nuostolių nėra.

This time I was not able to achieve roundtrip. Even the plane reached 7 km, the battery depleted on the way home. No damages this time.

YouTube Direkt

Twinstar2, 8×4 props, 100ish g motors.
2700 mAh 3S1P Zippy 25-30C battery
Sunsky 500mW vtx + inverted vee antenna
Lawmate vrx + 11 dBi biquad 1280 Mhz antenna
ChainLink @ low 200mW power mode.
Smalltim OSD, modified for CL LRS
Fatshark cam

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