Finally reached 2 km range

I’ve tested my new Lawmate 1.2 GHz video rx. It seems it’s quite good receiver. Sensitivity was slightly better than sunsky rx, but selectivity is much better. It was quite immune to nearby 433 MHz LRS, contrary to sunsky vrx. Due to omni antennas signal wasn’t very strong, but good enough to do the flight.

Twinstar2 3S 2600 mAh, 8×4 APC. Inverted Vee antenna for 400mW @1280MHz sunsky video tx, omni stock antenna on lawmate video rx. Archos AV500 DVR. ChainLink 433MHz LRS stock antenna 200mW mode. Fatshark camera. Also fatshark 2.4 GHz 100mW video tx on ground station, to retransmit signal to fatshark goggles.

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