FPV range calculator including terrain topology

Ligowave has created very useful radio link calculator http://www.ligowave.com/linkcalc/, which evaluates terrain topology, Frenell zones, radio wave attenuation, rain and foliage. You need to point on the map where are you going to fly, enter your frequency, tx power in dBm (~27), receiver sensitivity (~ -95), antennas height and you get the results. There are two modes. One calculates if you are yousing directional antenna, you’ll get information about link margin. Another point to multimpoint (P2MP) mode calculator assumes you are using omni antenna in the ground station. Even program is designed for digital links, it’s quite good for analog FPV videos too. Free registration required to use this tool.

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  1. On November 17, 2011 ilovefpv says:

    Do the terrain maps come from Google Maps or something like that?

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