Easy glider finally in the air

After long break, I’ve came back to RC. EZ glider has been lying unassembled for about half a year, and I’ve finally finished it. The test run wasn’t very smooth:

- I’ve threw glider without motor applied to see if it glides ok, it bumped nose to the ground. Nose heavy? I’ve measured COG 70mm from the leading edge, and it balanced perfect. On the second try I’ve switched on motor, and it went up real nice, but of course I had to compensate elevator trim.

- I haven’t mixed tail with ailerones, so it was kinda lazy on the turns. I still haven’t mastered coordinated turn, so I’ll fix it with the mix.

- I forgot to program the brake, so the folding propeller was not going to fold.

- Propeller adapter came off during the flight. It was fixed firmly before flight. Not sure what’s happened. My first folding propeller, maybe I’ve missed something.

Hopefully next time I’ll go with fpv gear and fixed plane.

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