Kodėl puslapis pavadintas FPV.lt ? FPV sutrumpinimas iš First Person View – tai ką žmogus matytų būdamas valdomame objekte. Toks mano tikslas: padaryti lėktuvą kuris suteiktų tokią galimybę. Puslapio bendraautoriai žada ir kitų idomių projektų susijusių su FPV, bet realizuotų ne vien lėktuvuose, o ir kitose skrendančiose, plaukiojančiose, ropojančiose konstrukcijose.

I’ve become interested in RC planes. I’ve got some ideas and notes on this topic. Zebediejus pushed my toward creating this site. I’m also thankful for server machine. I’ll try to post some info about what did we encounter when we’ve started to fly RC plane. Mayby it will be interesting for someone, and I’ll have where to show photos and video.

I don’t suggest to use solutions which you will see on this site, they won’t be the best ones. The purpose of this page is not to be novice guide, but sort of “how it can be done” version. I’ll show you what equipment I do use, why I’ve chosen it and what’s wrong with it.

Why site name is FPV.lt ? FPV is an abbreviation from First Person View. It’s what the human would see being in operated object. That’s my purpose: to do such plane. There are plenty commercial producs, they are pretty much expensive and dull. I don’t want to invest much money in it, but also I don’t want to do everything from the scratch. Some say it’s impossible to do fast-cheap-good. It’s trye, we’ll to it cheap and good.

So much for a now. If you have any notes, commends about this page please use comments or just email me stgedas at gmail.com. We need feedback from you to become better.