Trying openpilot quadcopter

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One of the propellers got unsqrewed and quad was grounded. Besides that, openpilot seems to be really impressive platform. I’m happy with their ground station firmware, cheap and well developed hardware. Thumbs up!

Synchro copters [beautilful]

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Hexacopter in Cameroon

William Thielicke (Mr. Shrediquette) from Cameroon

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Calibrating OpenPilot quadrocopter

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First quadrocopter’s flight outside

We’ve tried to launch quadrocopter for the first time outside. It was more successful than I’ve hoped, but not so great as it should be :) . It was quite stable along horizontal axis, but it was turning around Z (vertical). I had to take it down, because it’s not controllable in such situation.

During second launch, when I’ve connected battery to the copter, one of the field transistors burned down. New hole in the transistor and puff of smoke informed us that it’s over for a now. I had such problem for a few times. It seems that it’s necessary to limit the current upon startup. I’ll fix the problem with regs, Z gyro and try again ;)

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Interesting way to control quadrocopter

New type control was demonstrated in Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control (Switzerland). Stick’s rotation and position change is translated into quadrocopter commands. The principe is very similar to already used system by RC hobbiests. Stick has integrated accelerometers and gyros to detect movement. Maybe such type of control will spread to other applications as well.

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Amazing quadrocopters

Quadrocopters do amazing things: turning upside down in the air, flying through window vertically and perching.

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Quadrocopter NordStar

Finnaly, I’ve tested my quadrocopter NordStar. Flight controller needs some tuning. Thrust is very good, it seems that it will be able to lift much payload. Brief specs:

- Plastic frame
- 4S1P LiFePO4 2300 mA battery (60A)
- 4x 927KV 150W electric motors
- 2x 10×6″ regular propellers (24 cm) and 2x 10×6″ reverse pushers
- ST Cortex M3 32-bit microcontroller

Planning to add GPS, 433 MHz long range communication module for telemetry and SD resolution video broadcast

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