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UAV/FPV shop has launched

Siulau apsilankyti FPV e-parduotuvėje http://shop.fpv.lt . Pradedame su keliais turimais produktais. Ateity tikimes jų daugiau ;)

Please visit our new FPV e-shop http://shop.fpv.lt . We are starting with few products, and hope that soon we’ll be able to provide more;)

Electric motors – Turborix 162W brushless outrunner

Our affiliate partners fro China R2HOBBIES sent us Turborix 162W motor. This RC shop has modest prices and good shipping offers. Packages are shipped by airmail, so it’s cheap and fast. (4-6$ to ship this motor). So I suggest to buy at this shop – it helps us! ;)

Old Hextronix was too weak to drag all the required equipment. This motor has twice weight, so it’s torque is better. Specifications:
rpm/v (kv) : 1070
Suggested Battery : 2-3 Cells Lithium Polymer Battery
Load Current (A) : < 15A
Recommended ESC : Turborix Advance 20A ESC
Suggested Propellers : 8 X 3.8″ – 11 X 4.7″
Weight : 60g (±5g)

In the photos you see the motor and included connectors with colored termoplastic. Quite nice setup setup for 8$ :) .


Here you see photos of preparation for second FPV flight with 500mW transmitter. Flight itself was horrible, it was windy, elevator broke up and plane was grounded. Once again, it requires rebuild almost for the scratch.